Friday, November 22, 2013

Rollergirl - Rollergirl

The Disco throwback is alive and well in today's music scene. Many artists of the electronic and dance variety have really taken to the genre, giving birth to a multitude of projects both stale and fresh in execution. Enter, Rollergirl's 2013 self-titled album. I'm very happy to say that this one definitely lands on the "fresh" side of this resurgence, taking cues from a variety of modern electronic genres and styles in addition to Disco.

Vaporwave, Cloud Rap, Glitch, and House all have their place in the tracks of this album, creating a unique and significantly electronic take on the genre, and in doing so, Rollergirl create a solid and thoroughly enjoyable Nu Disco album that serves as more than just a boring rehash of the 70s or 80s. From the Billy Ocean samples of the opening track to the glitchy intro of "All Night," many styles and sounds are showcased skillfully and stylishly within a prevailing Disco aesthetic. 

With huge, airy production and infectious hooks, Rollergirl's most recent album makes a Discotheque out of any location. A fun album for when you feel like really gettin' down. Be sure to check out the Rollergirl bandcamp page where they're giving away a free download of the album!

Free download here:

-Andrew Oliver

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