Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mortillery - Murder Death Kill review


      Canadian thrashers Mortillery sure took their time releasing their debut album, but after giving it just one listen, one immediately realizes that it was very much worth the wait. This album represents, without a single hint of doubt, the most authentic thrash throwback I've heard coming from the great Thrash resurgence.

      From the killer riffs, to the ripping solos, and maniacal vocals sung by one extremely talented woman, Mortillery easily dominates their competition with the kind of raw and dynamic energy that was became legendary on the debut albums of Thrash’s Big Four in the 80s. This album brings you right back to the time when you were first discovering these great thrash albums, and can produce the same excitement that those classic releases inspired.

      One thing that really separates Mortillery from the rest of the crop is their vocalist, Cara. Though she often sings in a very clear, soaring vocal style comparable to Crystal Viper’s Marta Gabriel, she also manages to belt out some hellishly violent screams, and some raw black metal-esque rasps (think early Bathory, Toxic Holocaust), seen very clearly on “Countless Suicides” and the title track.

      'Murder Death Kill' is an album that belongs on the same shelf with 'Kill Em All', 'Killing Is My Business', and 'Fistful of Metal'. A modern day Thrash metal classic in true, pure form, Mortillery have given me what few Thrash albums can, which is the rekindling of that old feeling when thrash metal was still wonderful and new to me. Ladies and gentlemen, if you give this one a listen, you won't soon regret it.

-Andrew Oliver

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