Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hellterror - Reality... review


      I'm going to keep this review short, sweet, and filled with more adjectives than there are words. Wait. What? Nevermind. Shall we begin?

      Uncomprehendable, uncompromising, unintelligible destruction. That’s what Malaysian grindcore band Hellterror brings to the table with their new 16-track EP, 'Reality…'. With wild bursts of destructive fury and relentless aggression, this EP promises to leave everything in ruin by the time it’s over. Buildings will be demolished, bridges will fall, society will be left in shambles. This is what Hellterror has unleashed on their EP, and with only 150 copies (all in cassette format) made, you might want to hurry and get your hands on this brutal masterwork before it’s all gone.

-Andrew Oliver

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