Sunday, May 25, 2014

(Track Review) Cave Needles - Small World

Welcome, welcome, to Sound Chaser's first ever track reviews! For our very first one, I'll be looking at Cave Needles' track "Small World"-
Cave Needles is an independent psychedelic beach rock group based in Michigan. "Small World" is off their upcoming self-titled record due June 28 of this year on GTG Records.

So far, there are three songs revealed from this upcoming record on their Bandcamp. Listening to the three, I am a tad discouraged for the record, but for a good reason.

On first impression, the song is complete for a typical track of this genre; catchy chord progression, guitar sounds, lo-fi drums, etc., but listening again and again, there seems to be something off and odd about the music I'm listening to.
Perhaps it was the almost inaudible vocals and quiet bass. The drum and lead were so overpowering, I couldn't understand one word of what the singer was saying, which is honestly disappointing. The bass can be hardly noticed seeing it's mostly only root notes being played and not a very varying bassline at all.
Or perhaps it was the lack of...experimentation. The song is built on the typical indie rock formula- soft guitar and lo-fi drums with interesting vocal effects. These elements of the formula do add up for a catchy enjoyable listen, but when you compare it to the other available tracks on the album, why not change it up a little? The song felt like it was controlled and planned with no experimentation at all, as if it was written in a minute based off of every other beach rock ballad.
Maybe it was a mere coincidence that these three songs sound a tad too similar, and the other tracks on the upcoming release will be a bit more varied, but why not change up the effects and add some substance? Create your own formula. You have the opportunity and potential, seize it. Be something the world hasn't seen.
But on the positive note, the catchy riffs and progressions are enough to keep me interested for a future release. I will most definitely listen to it if it is streamed. And hell, I have hope it will be great.
Create a substance and formula never seen. But remember, this is just my opinion.

-Ethan Blackburn 

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