Monday, May 19, 2014

Sinai Vessel - Profanity

     For a band that gets pegged with the "Math Rock" moniker, Sinai Vessel sound extremely personal. I've listened to the band before, and like revisiting an old friend, there's an almost overwhelming sentimental quality to the music. From the very first chords of "Cats," Profanity just exudes emotion and feeling.
    I could go on to describe the album musically, as would be the usual process, but I feel that to focus on this may distract from the true genius of this album: That being, the band's sense of intense emotional appeal, they're ability to to make you feel, whether you want to or not. The music, and the feelings that bleed from it, paint images in your head as you listen. It's impossible not to be moved here by the sounds of vulnerability, longing, and desperation. We can all relate in one way or another.
     On Profanity, Sinai Vessel creates more than just a musical work to listen to and get through. This transcends the casual listening experience, and becomes one of emotional, perhaps even spiritual significance. I imagine your reaction will be different depending on who you are and given your own experiences, but regardless of the listener, you'd be hard pressed not to be touched in some way by the band material here. Certainly one of the much brighter spots of 2014 so far.

-Andrew Oliver

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