Monday, March 17, 2014

Paperdeer - Paperdeer EP

     Up To The Top (Original Mix)
     While Paperdeer's music might seem most relevant in a club setting, it's certainly not irrelevant outside of it. Though the frequent use of House and Drum and Bass sounds may allude to a strict dance environment, the group manages to broaden their sound, as well their potential audiences, by incorporating a variety of other influences and sounds into the mix. 
     Electropop sensibilities reign supreme on songs like "Up to the Top," with it's subtle hooks nagging at the back of your head throughout the song's duration, floating over a light, bouncing beat and playful production. An amalgamation of different styles such as this is probably Paperdeer's most notable strength, one which they play to effectively. Throughout the short, three-track EP, harder electronic sounds are blended effectively and smoothly with a myriad of different styles, including those of the more straight-forward pop variety and more ethereal, dreamy sounds as well. 
     With a fresh, diverse sound, Paperdeer manage to create a release that, while not entirely ambitious, is certainly a creative one. Among the many one-dimensional, setting-based electronic releases that are so prevalent in various music scenes today, this EP provides a perspective of versatility, one which is not dependent on any place or time to be thoroughly enjoyable. If you want good electronic music that you can love, regardless of whether you're sitting at home or dancing with friends, this is one release you'd do well to add to your playlist.

-Andrew Oliver

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