Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aldebaran - Buried Beneath Aeons

A little Drone, a little Death, and lots of Doom - that's what Aldebaran are offering on their new, sing-track, 28 minute EP, Buried Beneath Aeons.

No one could say that Funeral Doom metal is easy listening, but Alderbaran manage to captivate their listeners with dark, well-crafted melodies amid passages of swirling distortion. Getting lost in the blankets of fuzz is certainly no issue here, aided further by ethereal clean tones weaving in and out within the first half of the track before switching gears -only slightly- to a constant, crushing Doom sound. The sluggish growls showcased on the track are very complimentary. Though nothing particularly special, they manage to add much more than they detract, making for a very solid release overall, and a nice, fresh injection in the the repertoire of Funeral Doom music.

-Andrew Oliver

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