Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wolves' Winter - Spell of Necromancy

It's a scientifically-proven fact that wolves are the most black metal beings in the animal kingdom. It's also scientifically proven that Argentina isn't exactly the ideal country for black metal. Of course, black metal can be produced from anywhere, but any tr00 kvltist worth his Luciferian frost knows that the best results are from grim and frostbitten countries such as Norway. Spell of Necromancy is the debut demo of Argentinian raw black metal band Wolves' Winter, who, thus far, have not released anything since this save for a live recording and two tracks for a split. The real question, however, is not when they'll release new material, but if they should.

The first track, "Witchcraft", begins the demo with a minute or so of ambiance and wind samples before the raw-as-fuck guitars that we've all come to know and love burst in. Grim guitars, blast beats, howling vocals, all mixed together in a lo-fi production style... nothing too exemplary, but not bad. It's pretty much the same basic drill for all four tracks... except the third track, "Distant Horizons of the Spotless Mind". This is where the potential shines. The first half is very effective, mid-tempo black metal, with the guitar riff increasing in complexity until giving way to a blizzard of blast beats and some well-executed tremolo picking. The atmospheres evoked in this piece far surpass the monotony of the other three tracks.

There's plenty of potential for Wolves' Winter to be something superior to the "am I kvlt yet?" wave of black metal bands that's been cropping up these last few years. They could very well be Argentina's answer to projects such as Satanic Warmaster, if they continue down the promising path hinted at on "Distant Horizons...". I'm looking forward to their first full-length to see what comes of it.

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