Sunday, June 2, 2013

Abrasive - The Birth...Born In Sodom

Germany’s Abrasive has really accomplished something here. 'The Birth…Born In Sodom' is chocked full of that excessively violent, brutal death metal you can’t help but enjoy, filled with murderous chugging riffs with that drop-your-guts-to-the-floor brand of heaviness, and, as shown in tracks like 'Stimmulate' and 'Hungry', some of the most gruesome breakdowns you’ll ever hear.

After a few short seconds of listening, you'll discover that Abrasive is no fan of subtlety. Every song begins like a blunt weapon that bludgeons and beats you to the ground before slicing you open with razorblade riffs and hanging you from a lamp post by your entrails. This is the kind of devastatingly heavy and brutal death metal that just pummels you without mercy.

Every musician handles their instrument very well on this album. Drums are savage and wild, and the riffs are played like bone saws, slicing through you with passion and precision. Even the bassist shines on the album, thankfully, not displaying the William Murderface effect, as the bass throbs chaotically (And audibly!). The vocals, too, are just the vile, low-growling, hell-vomit you’d want in a brutal death metal band such as this. Everything is as it should be. There are even some solos to be enjoyed! Check out 'Porn Addicted' for an example.

My complaints with this album are small in number, but I’ll state them anyway. First off, the snare drum has that really annoying wood sound that’s becoming more and more popular, and it can be pretty distracting at times. Also, there really isn’t too much that distinguishes one track from another. But on that note, you shouldn’t listen to brutal death metal bands if you crave a lot of song variety. What Abrasive does on this album is brutal death metal done right. This is a great album that I had a lot of fun listening to and reviewing. Check it out!

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